Parents' Association

We are fortunate to have a very active Parents Association here in Lisavaird National School. All parents of children in Lisavaird National School are encouraged to join and participate in the Parent Association. These parents elect a committee each year. The committee consists of parents who’ve volunteered their time and effort to work in partnership with the Principal, Board of Management and the whole school community for the betterment of the children in the school and to support and empower parents to be active in the best interests of their children’s educational lives.  Research has shown that children do better, behave better and are happier at school when parents and teachers work closely together and when parents are able to give their children support at home.

The committee draws up a plan for activities for the Association and is responsible for seeing that these activities are run in an effective and efficient way.  Meetings are held after which the chairperson meets with the Principal to discuss matters arising from it.

The Parents Association organises fundraising events that contribute to the school’s finances each year. These help to fund buses and subsidise school trips and contribute to the purchase of vital educational resources for our children.

In addition, the Parent Association organises the Pupil Personal Accident Insurance, organises school clean ups and charity fundraising events, as well as fun events for the children such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Halloween Disco.

The current committee:

  • Chairperson: Sylvia O’Gorman
  • Secretary: Marion Barry & Marian O’Keeffe
  • Treasurer: Ciara Daly