• The school uniform will consist of: 
    • Official school tracksuit top
    • Matching navy tracksuit pants to be purchased in the same store
    • Plain White Polo shirt
    • Plain black runners
  • Students are not permitted to substitute the tracksuit pants with their own personal preference. Tracksuit pants must be matching plain navy pants, available in Cash and Co. Clonakilty. 
  • The school recommends runners without branded logos or markings, but if runners have such logos or markings, they must be black.
  • The new uniform will be mandatory for students from Junior Infants to 4th class. 5th and 6th class students will have the option to wear the current uniform. 
  • Plain Navy shorts only may be worn After the Easter Holidays only if the weather permits. Outside of this, teachers will instruct the children when shorts are permitted. 
  • Children must arrive at school each day in full school uniform unless informed otherwise. Students are not permitted to substitute any item from their uniform with personal preferences. If there is any reason why a child cannot wear an item from their school uniform i.e. loss or damage, parents must inform the class teacher. 
  • All items of the child’s uniform should be clearly labeled with the child’s name.