Maths Week 2022

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Well done to each pupil from Junior Infants to Sixth class that took part in Maths Week 2022! And a big congratulations to our prize winners including our ‘Mathletes of the Week’, our Maths-Hunt Winning Team and our challenge winners.

Here is a list of some of the activities that took place during Maths Week 2022:

  1. Whole-School Maths Hunt
  2. Guess How Many Sweets Are In The Jar
  3. Build a Rocket using 2D Shapes
  4. Pattern Pumpkins
  5. Maths Stations
  6. Tangrams
  7. Mind Reader Challenge
  8. Triangle Puzzle
  9. Parking Lot Game
  10. PIG Game
  11. Mathlete of the Week
  12. Daily Maths Puzzles

For more images please see our gallery!