Science Week 2021

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We went full blast for SFI Science Week 2021. Here are some of the things that we investigated:

Junior and senior infants tested the 5 senses while making popcorn. They investigated how materials mix with warm water during a skittles rainbow experiment, made a magic potion and demonstrated how quickly germs can spread. 

1st and 2nd class also made a magic potion, tested forces with marvellous marbles, and built a floating raft! As well as this, they took a virtual tour of the Kilkenny Reptile Zoo and learned about some fascinating reptiles and amphibians.

3rd and 4th class investigated how phototropism causes plants to turn towards the light. They also compared how different materials act as conductors or insulators. They tested how water effects the pitch of the sound made when a bottle is hit, and how different materials cause the beaters to create louder and softer sounds. They examined the effects of acid on materials with the bouncy egg experiment and made their very own lava lams. 

5th and 6th class examined the density of different liquids and how they react when mixed. They tested different household liquids to determine which is the best at cleaning objects. They also explored forces, and applied Newton’s third law by making some amazing balloon cars! 

Well done to all. our scientists of the week will be announced on facebook this Monday!

Check out our gallery for more pictures.